The Tunisian honeynet project “Saher-HoneyNet” is an initiative launched by the Tunisian CERT, in order to mitigate threats related to malicious traffic and to improve the national cyberspace security by ensuring preventive and response measures to deal with malicious threats.


This project involves all the cyberspace stakeholders, including the government, ISPs, Telcos, and critical information infrastructure. In order to create a strong coordination space with them, we assist them by providing a framework to share information for cleaning-up the cyberspace and tracking malicious sources.


The first research activities started in 2004, by deploying few honeyd sensors and testing new detection and prevention techniques to come up with a very powerful detection platform by the year 2008 as more resources are invested in the project. Now, the Tunisian honeynet project is a part of the Tunisian cyber early warning system “SAHER” created to deal with all cyber threats and to coordinate with the international community.


The honeynet is considered as the open part of the system, opened for members and volunteers based on a special agreement, such as students, researchers, professional and partners.