The main goals of Saher-HoneyNet are:

  • Detecting malicious activities and reporting to the relevant parties; by deploying a network of honeypot sensors and setting up secure communication channel for reporting. 
  • Providing assistance to the Tunisian users to clean their infected computers by providing all technical resources, online assistance and even on-site assistance in coordination with the incident response team of the tunCERT. 
  • Providing technical materials for the awareness activity in order to educate the national community on malware threat and how the mitigate infections.
  • Providing data and technical resources for the research activities in collaboration with universities. 
  • Developing technical guides for malware analysis, detection technologies and best practices to mitigate malware infections in coordination with the malware research centre of tunCERT. 
  • Coordinating with international security networks to share information related to malicious activities.