Tunisian ISPs Workshop 2013

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Tunisian ISPs Workshop 2013: "ISPs and telecom operators roles in the consolidation of the National  Cyberspace Security"French presentation @


Chapter Status Report For 2012

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Tunisian (Saherhoneynet) Chapter Status Report For 2012



All team members belong to the staff of the National Agency for Computer Security and the Tunisian CERT; our chapter is opened for volunteers based on a special agreement, such as students, researchers, professional and partners.
List current chapter members and their activities:


SSH Honeypot Stats

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Automatic generation of SSH-honeypot statistics for one month using kippo-graph



HP Workshop 2012: Tunisian chapter Update

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Tunisian Atacks Map

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A new map for the detection of malware spreading into the tunisian area , using interactive flash maps tool "amMap" and geoip database:


A new world map

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SAHER-Honeynet joins the Honeynet Project

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Tunis, 11 November 2011, the HoneyNet Project ( membership committee approved the membership request submitted by the Tunisian HoneyNet project team to be part of this international community working on HoneyNet technologies. The approval was considered as a big achievement by the team, with which they will be able to work jointly with a number of teams from various countries to share their experience and to learn from others. The Tunisian HoneyNet Project if officially a HoneyNet Project Member.